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30 Day Disney Challenge : Day 3 - Favorite Hero

Jim Hawkins

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Join characters and fables today!


Join characters and fables today!

Le Stroll | Open  


As the music played, Esmeralda’s green eyes scanned the crowd of people walking past. It had been a while since anyone threw a coin in the open bag that was on the floor or even stopped to watch but she wouldn’t stop. Dancing to her mind off things and keep her sane. Her feet were moving to the beat of her tambourine that she was shaking and slapping with her free hand to make a beat. It wasn’t much music but anything was something to dance to. Her raven hair flowing every time her turned around and she kept a smile on her face even though she was growing tired. The young gypsy closed her eyes and just went with the music, which probably wasn’t the best idea. Within a minute she stumbled over someone. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” She said, scrambling up from the ground and looking at the boy. Esmeralda reached over, touching his shoulder, “Are you alright?” She asked.

The young boy shoved his hands deep in his pockets as he walked the streets. He soon wandered into the market part of town that usually hosted farmers with their fruit and other such items. Jim usually snatched something to bite when someone was not looking, as that was what he had become accustomed to. As he grabbed an apple from a near by stand, the attention of an onlooker brought shouts to what he had done. “Shit..” Jim tossed the apple back onto the cart, but it was too late. He scrambled fast in an attempt to get away from the man whom owned the cart. It wasn’t such a good idea since Jim had returned the apple, and now the cart was their alone without eyes watching over it. He turned a few alley ways before he figured they were lost. Every few seconds the boy would check over his shoulder, just in case they had found his trail. When he was sure they had not seen him, Jim started to slow his pace to a slow trot. A holler made him jump and begin to run once again. He rounded the next corner, only to feel the bump of a body hit his. Now he was sprawled out on the ground, pretty pissed about someone being in his way. With a scowl he looked to see whom it was that slowed him. In the background he could hear the hollering again. This time he could hear clearer that it was a woman looking for her cat. Really? Jim just took off because some lady called out for her cat? He let out a puff of air from his annoyance and finally started to take in whom it was that knocked him down. 

Before him was a woman a few years older then him. He raised his eyebrows as he looked her over. She seemed to be of some sort of dancer with the type of clothes she wore, and he could see there was an instrument on the ground as well. Some type of drum perhaps. Jim got up and brushed the dirt off his trousers, giving an exasperated sigh. “Yea, I’m fine.” He ignored her gentle touch, but looked her thoroughly over. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” The last thing the boy needed was to be turned in for being a idiot and running into someone. All he could think about was the fact that she could be hurt or bleeding. That would be real nice to what little reputation he had on this place.

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